Good Cause and Affinity Selection


Good Retirement: affinity partnering and selection policy for good causes

4th Channel Limited trading as Good Retirement

The Good Retirement Approach

An important aspect of Good Retirement’s commitment to responsible corporate behaviour is our exercise of social responsibility through supporting good causes and affinity groups by offering transparent value for money products focussing on customer needs and requirements that generates a sustainable growing income stream for not-for-profit organisations.

Innovative solutions together with competent partners based on our core knowledge and skills, we aim that simple measures will result in lasting improvements and sustainable impacts for society.


This policy describes the high-level selection criteria of good causes/charities and affinity groups required to become selected as a corporate donor of Good Retirement

Initial Selection criteria

Good Retirement will initially accept customer nominated charities and select a select number of good ccauses/charitiesto be a corporate donor.  Only registered charities will qualify for donations to be made in the following categories:

  1. Medical / Health / Sickness
  2. Relief of poverty
  3. Accommodation / Housing
  4. Arts / Culture
  5. Animals
  6. Economic / Community / Development / Employment
  7. Education / Training
  8. Disability
  9. Sport / Recreation
  10. Environment / Conservation / Heritage


Good Retirement does not support charities, good causes or projects with the following characteristics, or those that have involvement in:

– Illegal or unethical Projects with clear political religious or commercial background or purpose
– Requests from or to benefit single individuals
– Commercial and/or mainstream entertainment events such as sports or popular music concerts
– Humanitarian or social projects driven solely by individuals and/or not supported by the local authorities
– Indirect support of aid or service programmes through fund raising events and/or charity conduits
– Image campaigns for causes or charities
– Replacement of public funding and public or government responsibility

Further selection criteria

Where appropriate the support base of the Charity should meet the service or product propensity model and target market; i.e.

  1. Over 55’s for Annuities and Equity release
  2. Age range for Home Insurance
  3. Over 55’s for Funeral plans


The Good Retirement Board will assess and approve all charity partnership proposals and reserve the right to cancel any partnership if the terms and conditions of the corporate donor agreement or policy are not being met.

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