Donation Policy

The Good Retirement Approach
An important aspect of Good Retirements commitment to responsible corporate behaviour is our exercise of social responsibility through philanthropic donations. The Good Retirement approach to philanthropic donations mirrors our sustainable business model, innovation culture and objectives of providing a service for an open, transparent, affinity approach for insurance and other products to be provided to caring, knowledgeable consumers with value-for-money offers from a not-for-profit company supporting good causes. Innovative solutions together with competent partners based on our core knowledge and skills, we aim that simple measures will result in lasting improvements and sustainable impacts for society.

This collaborative and value-based approach demonstrates that both the Good Retirement and its partners are committed to effective outcomes.

This policy covers philanthropic donations and non-commercial sponsorship as distinctive contributions to express our commitment and responsibility towards society in a broader context. Such contributions are part of our manifesto and long-term strategy provide information and services for financing age for good and a growing income stream for not for profit organisations

Good Retirement will make quarterly and annual donations to charities by gift aiding to charities in the following way
• From the commission received by Good Retirement, a small donation will be gift aided to a charity of the policyholder’s choice for each product that is completed. This will typically be £5 or £10.
• Annually net profits that Good Retirement receives from commissions or fees received through the distribution of products will be distributed in proportion to how customers of Good Retirement have chosen over the year in which the commission was received.

Good Retirement will support registered charities, by making donations in the following categories:
1. Medical / health /sickness
2. Relief of poverty
3. Accommodation / housing
4. Arts / Culture
5. Animals
6. Economic / community / development / employment
7. Education / training
8. Disability
9. Sport / recreation
10. Environment / Conservation / heritage

Good Retirement does not support charities, good causes or projects with the following characteristics or have involvement in:
• Illegal or unethical Projects with clear political religious or commercial background or purpose
• Requests from or to benefit single individuals
• Commercial and/or mainstream entertainment events such as sports or popular music concerts
• Humanitarian or social projects driven solely by individuals and/or not supported by the local authorities
• Indirect support of aid or service programmes through fundraising events and/or charity conduits
• Image campaigns for causes or charities
• Replacement of public funding and public or government responsibility

Governance and Oversight
Oversight will be provided by the Board of Directors and is subject to review by the appointed external Auditors who will confirm that funds have been distributed accurately and in accordance with this policy

Good Retirement is the trading name of 4th Channel Limited