Aims & Objectives

4th Channel Ltd:  trading as Good Retirement


4th Channel Ltd trading as Good Retirement is a not-for-profit company established to provide a range of financial orientated services and products aimed specifically for customers over 55 years old.  The ‘customer’ first commitment is then strengthened by the distribution of surplus funds (that would otherwise be net profit) to good causes.

Good Retirement aims to meet the changing and challenging needs of this growing part of the UK population.  It recognizes the fatigue in promotional gimmicks and addresses the many financial challenges faced in retirement.  Our business model simply sets out to provide value-for-money services and products that primarily meet customer needs and assists good causes too.

It is time for an open, transparent, affinity approach, for insurance and other products to be provided to caring, knowledgeable consumers.  Good Retirement offers a timely answer with value-for-money offers from a not-for-profit company supporting good causes.

The policy and aims of “4th Channel” are too;

  • Provide an open and transparent approach when offering a range of financial orientated services and products as a Not for Profit Company.
  • Help people to understand the differences between products on offer and thus to help them get the best deal to suit their needs by shopping around and achieving a fuller understanding of the products they are buying.
  • Provide useful information to the consumer, offering tips and pointers as to what to look out for when buying a range of financial products including in particular; Home, Car and Travel Insurance, Funeral Plans, Annuities and Equity release.
  • Deliver the right service to the right customer at the right time. No gimmicks, no cuddly toys, no quick hyped cash backs, just genuine value.
  • Provide a great service offering value for money products to supporters of not-for-profit Organisations and the wider public and so help grow income and support good causes.
  • Donate profits to good causes in proportion to its customers’ choice.

Policy of donating to good causes

As a not-for-profit company, Good Retirement will donate the net profit from its business activities, namely the sale of products, to good causes. The not-for-profit commitment will make a small donation to charities nominated by the customer with each product delivery, and then more significant donations at year end when the Trustee Board will distribute 4th Channel net profits to good causes. This will be calculated in proportion to those organisations that the policy holders have supported in each financial year e.g. if all policyholders support one good cause then 100% of the net profit to be donated will go to that one good cause. Full details of good cause / charity selection policy can be found in our good cause selection policy.

4th Channel will only donate to charities that are registered and regulated by the charity commission. All charities will be checked for a charity registration number ( that will be verified at ). To facilitate this 4th Channel will secure partnerships with a number of good causes and will engage with their audiences to deliver value-for-money products from commercial partners meeting corporate social responsibility objectives.