More About Good Retirement

4th Channel Limited trading as Good Retirement is committed to:


  • Provide an open and transparent approach when offering a range of financial orientated services and products as a not-for-profit social enterprise.
  • Help people to understand the differences between products on offer and thus to help them get the best deal to suit their needs by shopping around and achieving a fuller understanding of the products they are buying.
  • Provide useful information to the consumer, offering tips and pointers as to what to look out for when buying a range of financial products including in particular: Home, Car and Travel Insurance, Funeral Plans, Annuities and Equity Release.
  • Deliver the right service to the right customer at the right time. No gimmicks, no cuddly toys, no quick hyped cash backs, just genuine value.
  • Donate profits to good causes reflecting choices made by our customers.
Who are Good Retirement and Value for Good

Value for Good insurances and Good Retirement are part of the 4th Channel group that has been established as a social enterprise determined to seek good value-for-money products for its customers.

But it doesn’t stop there as subsequently, we will donate net profits to good causes and not hungry shareholders. 4th Channel is a social enterprise started with a view to providing products to the over 55’s but through Value for Good it has been expanded to give the same opportunity to all ages.

We put the customer first. Working with Aviva we produce great value for money products. It is easy to create the cheapest product but often these products come at a cost, which is usually borne by the customer. No hidden charges in these products.

A lot of insurance providers like to offer you gimmicks to entice you to purchase their products. We are not offering theatre tickets, discounted meals or cuddly toys. We offer a range of products that provide you with cover you can rely on at competitive prices and as a consequence of this, the good cause of your choice gets a donation.

Value for Good will donate £5 to your chosen charity every time you purchase or renew an insurance policy. Aviva insurances come with competitive prices and great value cover so they are good for you and the things you care about. In addition to making this initial donation Value for Good and Good Retirement will give all net profits to good causes.

What’s the big idea?

With Good Retirement, Value for Good is a social enterprise (donating every time a product is taken out together with the net profit to good causes, not feeding hungry shareholders) that aims to protect everything you care about.

It’s not just about offering market-leading insurance products we can find – it’s about our commitment to help and support the good causes you care about through donations for each policy you purchase.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Our pledge is to distribute any surplus funds to good causes carefully chosen with your help throughout the UK.

But why should I care?

You’re right.  Most people don’t.  They buy the cheapest cover they can find on comparison sites and hope they never have to make a claim.  We’re different. Your cover will be excellent value, Aviva have transparent renewal pricing and the safeguarding of all customers particularly the vulnerable. But you will know that even with a great price your decision to use us means a worthy cause of your choice is getting the support it needs – right then and later on too.  Check how good it can be for you by clicking here.

What’s in it for us?

We know the world is changing and people are right to expect more of the companies with whom they deal.  We are offering you a 5 star rated (defacto) product that paid 95.2% of claims in 2018 but we also want to do good – and the only way to do that is to give back what we make (over and above running the business) and put the money we save you (and by not paying middlemen) to better use in good causes.

Too good to be true?

We are not expecting to be popular with our competitors.  Our focus on ‘doing good’ means we have to give you a competitive product that funds your chosen cause and allows us to build up funds to continue to donate beyond any customer purchase.  Clearly, we are leaning on product providers and squeezing the conventional model for ‘middle-men’.  But then nothing worthwhile ever came that easily.

How do we save the money to pay your charity?

Quite simply we are not paying hungry shareholders and we are not charging or paying away money to get your business.  Through the partnership with Aviva we have agreed a negotiated small commission from which we make a contribution to a good cause of your choice. We are not creating loss leaders in the hope you buy once and then move on.  A commitment to do good means a product you purchase to protect you and know that it is doing good not just for you but for the causes you care about.

You’ve helped others so how do our services help you?

You already know that you are doing good for the causes you really care about but how do we do good for you?

Value for Good Home Insurance – Simple quote and buy journey

We have partnered with Aviva to bring you what we believe is a great value Home Insurance.  It’s quick and easy to get cover by answering a few simple questions.  Click here to find out more.

Value for Good Car Insurance

And our partnership with Aviva is good for your car insurance too. Click here to choose the good in Car Insurance for you.

Value for Good in partnership with AVIVA

Simply choose the insurance that’s good for you – and remember – for every policy you purchase 4th Channel t/a Value for Good and Good Retirement will donate £5 to your chosen charity, subject to our donation policy

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